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Additional slots in the IP Whitelist, extra traffic, and much more - in this article you will learn all about the available add-ons and how to pay for them.

You can apply additional features to your subscription, which are called add-ons. These can be additional slots in the IP Whitelist, additional traffic, and much more. Each addon has its own cost, which will be charged each time the subscription is renewed. You can activate the addon during the subscription period. When you buy an addon while your subscription is active an immediate charge will be issued! All add-ons are tied to a subscription and its billing cycles. When the next billing date comes, all used addons and additional services will be included in the payment price (example: the cost of your subscription is $100, the cost of addons is $50, so you will be invoiced $150 for the next period). If for any reason you want to disable the addon, please contact support. Notice: the funds received for the payment of addons are non-refundable.