DuckDuckGo Position

Short instruction for scraping DuckDuckGoPosition

Keep track of your website's ranking on DuckDuckGo for specific keywords. Utilize your own domain databases to automatically monitor how your website is performing in DuckDuckGo search results.


To scrape DuckDuckGo Position data according to your request, please follow these steps:

  1. New Task: Click Create New Task.

  2. Provider: Select “DuckDuckGo Position”.

  3. Search: Enter search query (max. 200 characters).

  4. Domain: Enter the domain of the site to determine its position in DuckDuckGo.

  5. Scraper Country: Select from dropdown.

  6. Customize: Set content page limit (max. 10), match type (optional).

  7. Filters: Safe search, Upload date (optional).

  8. Run: Click Create task.

  9. Results: Check the dashboard and download data.

All scrapers within the “Position Monitoring” group:

  • Focus on organic impressions only
    The position number provided in the response will be the organic position, excluding any promotional or paid advertising.
  • Complete the task as soon as they detect the specified domain
    For example, if you set the "Content page limit" parameter = 25 and the desired domain is located on the 3rd page, the scraper will automatically stop the analysis without proceeding to the next pages.

“Match Type” Customisation the ability to match the searched position by:

  • Exact domain

  • Top level domain

  • Exact url

  • Substring


  • Search Query: What is VPN

  • Domain of the site you are looking for:

  • Match Types:

    • Exact Domain:

    • Top level domain: org

    • Exact URL: url:

    • Substring: wikipedia


Data preview: