How do fast proxies filters work?

Working process with fast proxies is operated via filters feature.

In your Dashboard you have New Filter Configurator, where you can choose your filter name, authorization type, rotation settings and geo-targeting parameters. Once you set up all these parameters, you should save your filter.
After your filter is saved, you need to go to More Details of this filter and there you need to set connection parameters, like server and port. All settings you’ve applied here will be automatically saved, no additional actions required.


If you need to change connection parameters, you can always change it in your filter details.
Notice: in an already existing filter you can only change server and port! If you need to change location, you need to create another filter!

If you created a filter with wrong geo-targeting parameters, or you want to switch to another authorization type, you can delete your current filter, and create the new one!

NOTICE: if you use IP authorization, you can create only one filter with your IP address! If you want to change your target location and use the same IP address, you need to delete the filter, where your IP address is already being used, and create another one!