Use proxies with ScrapeBox

Learn how to set up residential and mobile proxies for scraping with ScrapeBox in our instructions.

  1. Open Scrapebox app  
  2. In Select Harvester and Proxy settings check the "Use Proxies" checkbox and click on "Edit" button   
    Scrapebox step 2
  3. In opened window you need to insert information of proxy you need to use. As far as Froxy offers login/password authorization, you need to insert information in corresponding format: IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASS (for example: All this information you can find in your Froxy Dashboard. After adding proxies you need to apply changes by clicking on Save button   
    Scrapebox step 3
  4. Then you can go to URL's Harvested section and click on "Start Harvesting" button   
    Scrapebox step 4
  5. In opened window you can choose what search engines you'd like to use and check option "User server proxies" as listed on a screenshot   
    Scrapebox step 5
  6. Finally you should click on "Start" button. Harvesting should begin. If you've done everything correctly, you'll be able to see notification "Proxies enabled" 
    Scrapebox step 6
  7. Now you can use Froxy proxies with Scrapebox!