Use proxies with SENuke TNG

Learn how to set up resident and mobile proxies for automation with SENuke TNG with our instructions.

  1. Open SENuke TNG app
  2. Click on Options button
  3. Go to Proxy tab. On this tab click on "Add Proxy List" button SENuke TNG step 3
  4. In opened window you need to put data from your proxy list. You should use Export Proxy List feature on your Froxy Dashboard. Notice: you need to export proxy list in correct format (server/IP:port). After inserting data from you Froxy Dashboard to SENuke TNG you also need to fill username and password. You can also get this information from your Froxy Dashboard SENuke TNG step 4
  5. To apply all changes click on "Save" button SENuke TNG step 5
  6. Now you can use Froxy proxies with SENuke TNG!