IP rotation

You can find more information about the two types of IP address rotation (organic and forced) and how they affect each other in this article.

You can use proxies for rotation and flexible configuration of IP addresses.

There are two types of IP rotation: organic and forced rotation.

By organic rotation, the system changes the IP address every time the IP goes offline. It ensures a stable connection to the proxy. This type of rotation is non-customizable and is working 24/7. Any device you use as a proxy can go offline anytime and we don't have control over this process.

Forced rotation is a mandatory change of the IP address within a certain period (90-3600 seconds). The default is 3600 seconds.

Please notice: that organic rotation does not have an influence on forced rotation. For example, if your forced rotation value is 3600 seconds, and the IP address to which you connected goes offline earlier than 3600 seconds (your forced rotation value), then the IP address will change automatically (organically) regardless of the forced rotation value you'd set.