Login-password authorization

In this article, we talk about quick access to the proxy - by login-password authorization, its elements, and templates to create a proxy list.

Login-password authorization used for manual (and quick) connection to a proxy. It consists of the following elements:

  1. Login - the package you are referring to.
  2. Password - geo-parameters of the connected proxy: country, region, city, provider, connection type. (The symbol ";" or "_" as a separator).
  3. Domain/IP - domain name or IP address of the server you are requesting to connect to the proxy. When generating a proxy list and when updating the Personal Account page, different servers are offered. It allows you to distribute the load and ensure maximum speed.
  4. Port - from 9000 to 9999. (Depends on the number of available ports in your package).

Templates for generating a proxy list:


or {login}:{password}@{domain}:{port}.

You can upload a proxy list for several countries at once, regardless of the number of available ports in your package.

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Authorizing by login-password, you can bind the same IP to any number of packets.