Referral Balance (Earned Credits)

Find out more details about rewards from your referrals: total amount, conditions of receipt, use of funds, etc.

You’ll get guaranteed payment for every transaction (excepting Trial) performed by your referral partner. All funds earned in the Referral program will appear on your Referral Balance (Earned Credits) in USD currency.

Notice: Referral Balance (Earned Credits) and Customer Balance are different features, and funds on them are separate and irrespective!

Unlike other services, Froxy provides you with money inflow for every transaction performed by your referral partner. So as long as your partner will be using Froxy, you get extra credits!

Notice: total amount of the referral reward depends on the referral’s invoice amount and set in percentages. Referral reward is applicable only for paid invoices and active subscriptions (both conditions).

You can manage your Referral Balance funds (Earned Credits) in several ways, like paying for your own Froxy services, or simply to withdraw funds from your Referral Balance (Earned Credits).Notice: when the next billing date of your own Froxy service comes, firstly funds will be debited from Referral Balance (Earned Credits), then from your Customer Balance, and then from your chosen payment method.

To withdraw funds from your Referral Balance (Earned Credits) you need to contact our Support Team (via email, or live-chat on the web-site) with according request.