Customize scraping tasks effortlessly with Froxy Scraper. Schedule them to run hourly, daily, or at various other intervals for recurring data results.

Schedule a task:

You can see how to set up scheduling on the screen below:


Access scheduled tasks:

  • Navigate to the “Schedule” tab to access the list of schedules.

  • Click “View Tasks” to access the tasks within a schedule.


You can also toggle the switch to access all the single (non-scheduled) tasks:



  • If a task fails, the system retries it within one minute.

  • If a task fails 10 times, the schedule switches to FAILED status.

  • If the package runs out of tokens, the schedule goes into STOPPED status.

  • Insufficient tokens disable the Run button in the schedule.

  • When the Package is paused, schedules are inactive, with tasks resuming within a minute after the pause.

  • Deactivating the Package will set all schedules to FAILED status.