Terms and Conditions of our Proxy Servers Usage

When purchasing our proxy servers, you get a powerful tool to ensure anonymity and security during your Internet sessions. However, we want to inform you about some limitations in using our proxy servers.

Usage restrictions:

Please note that our proxy servers are not used to work with banks, payment systems, and government sites. We strictly prohibit the usage of our service to access such resources and perform tasks related to visiting banking sites, payment systems, and government sites.

These restrictions are imposed for security and legal compliance purposes. Banks, payment systems, and government sites have their own data security and privacy mechanisms, and the usage of proxy servers may violate these mechanisms. In addition, the usage of a proxy to access such sites may be illegal and contrary to the usage policy of these resources.

Important to remember:

We are not responsible for any negative consequences arising from the usage of our proxy servers to access banks, payment systems, or government sites. We encourage our customers to comply with the laws and usage guidelines set forth by the respective resources.

We value your choice of our proxy servers and strive to provide you with a quality service. Our agreement with you includes restrictions on the usage of proxies with banks, financial institutions, and government websites. Please be aware of these restrictions and follow them when using our service.

I hope this article meets your requirements. If you have any additional requests or changes, please let us know via support@froxy.com