Token Spend Calculation

Every task has its price... Explore the way of calculation your token spend

Choose from our range of scraper packages, including a Free 3-day trial with 1,000 tokens for any scraper.

Your subscription plan determines how many tokens you have. When you make a request, it uses up a certain number of tokens. Each scraper costs 1 token per request and page.

Token usage depends on the details of your request. It covers the cost of JS rendering and the proxy network.


  • Suppose a Google search request for 1 page costs 1 token.

  • If you set the Result Pages parameter to 15, then the charge will be calculated as follows:

    • Tokens Charged = Number of Actual Pages * Cost per Page

    • Tokens Charged = 15 * 1 = 15 tokens

Explore our pricing plans in the table below:

Subscription Plan Monthly Cost Included Tokens Token Cost
Mini $20 5.000 $4,00/ 1k tokens
Starter $30 10.000 $3,00/ 1k tokens
Basic $40 20.000 $2,00/ 1k tokens
Plus $100 60.000 $1,67/ 1k tokens
Pro $250 180.000 $1,39/ 1k tokens
Ultra $500 380.000 $1,32/ 1k tokens

If you have any questions related to the calculation of token spend, please contact our Support.