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Scraper country parameter

The task may fail for various reasons, such as the selected location or server load.

We recommend recreating the task after a minute, using a different location. 

(This issue is more common in Dogpile and Startpage due to the mechanics of how these services operate in different locations)

All Scrapers.

Results per page parameter

In some cases, when you set the “Results per page parameter”, the response may return fewer results
(e.g. Bing search, you specified Results per page - 15, but it returned 14).
This does not affect the number of tokens.
Unfortunately, we can't influence this - it depends on what the provider sends back in response.

For greater efficiency, we recommend that you do not specify a large number of pages in the output settings.

Position Monitoring Scrapers

Complete the task as soon as they detect the specified domain.

For example, if you set the "Content page limit" parameter = 25 and the desired domain is located on the 3rd page, the scraper will automatically stop the analysis without proceeding to the next pages.

Wildberries Scrapers. Currency

If you would like to see the prices in the currency of your choice, please specify the location with coordinates.

By default Wildberries shows results for the domain (Moscow) even if a different currency is selected.

AliExpress. Price The price shown in the results is in the currency of the selected scraper country.
Ebay. Price

Sometimes you may see 2 prices. This is the price range shown on the product card.

Instagram Posts & Profile It's not possible to scrape private Instagram accounts, even if you use a cookie that allows you to access that account.