What are Ports?

Froxy offers a limited number of ports per package. Please, read this article to figure out what are ports and how to use them properly

When ordering Froxy, you get a certain number of ports. For example, if the package includes 600 ports, you can make 600 connections to different IPs.

Additional ports need for large companies with a large number of employees. As a rule, for stable operation, 2-3 ports per employee need.

Ports may be needed for specific tasks related to receiving large amounts of data in a limited time. For example, if you need to analyze 1500 web pages, you need to have 1500 ports for parallel operation and simultaneous loading. Otherwise, the work will be performed in stages, waiting for the necessary ports to become free.

ATTENTION! The number of requests per port should not exceed 30 per second. Requests go into standby mode if the load is exceeded. It can reduce the efficiency of your package.