What type of authorization should I choose?

Fast proxies offer your two types of authorization to choose from: classic login/password or connecting by attaching your devices’ IP to the Whitelist.

Login/password authorization uses automatically generated login and password to connect to the proxy. Every time you connect these credentials are required.

The most obvious pros to this type of authorization is the possibility to use it for all your filters (every filter would have its own unique login and password), so you can set up all filters within your limits with login/password authorization.

IP authorization instead doesn't require any logins and passwords to establish connection – all you need is to add your devices’ IP to the IP Whitelist and set up all other settings (geo-targeting, server and port). This type is simpler for users, who basically work within 1 location at time. The only limitation you have by using this authorization type is that you can attach 1 IP to the 1 filter. So if you need multiple connections to different locations, you need to have multiple unique IPs, one to every single filter. 


Some proxy tools don’t support, for example, IP authorization, so we can offer you to use login/password authorization and vice versa in case when login/password authorization is not applicable.