Yandex Maps

Short instruction for scraping Yandex Maps

To scrape Yandex Maps data according to your request, please follow these steps:

  1. New Task: Click Create New Task.

  2. Provider: Select “Yandex Maps”.

  3. Search: Enter search query (max. 200 characters).

  4. Scraper Country: Select from dropdown.

  5. Search Area: Enter coordinates and zoom level (max. 18).

  6. Run: Click Create task.

  7. Results: Check the dashboard and download data.

Coordinates and Zoom

Coordinates coordinates of the search area.

Zoom level controles the scale of the map. The value 0 corresponds to the smallest scale, showing the entire world. As you zoom in, the map changes the level of detail and the area covered.

Here's what you can typically expect at each zoom level:

  • Zoom Level 1: View of the entire world.

  • Zoom Level 5: View of a continent.

  • Zoom Level 10: View of a city.

  • Zoom Level 15: View of streets.

  • Zoom Level 20: View of individual buildings.

How to specify coordinates and zoom:

  1. Enter the search query.

  2. Select the desired area.

  3. The coordinates and zoom level will now be displayed in the URL within the search bar.

Data preview: