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How can I pay for my subscription?

Payment methods for your Froxy subscription. Find out more about paying via balance and direct recurring payments.

Froxy offers various payment methods for your subscriptions. To begin with, we want to tell you that we have 2 payment models for our Service:

  1. Linking a payment method and automatic payment for all subscription renewals, so-called recurring payments (applies only to bank cards);
  2. Replenishment of the Balance - this is the deposit of funds to the Froxy Balance, and the subsequent payment of your subscriptions using these funds (bank cards, cryptocurrencies, and much more are used).

The fundamental difference between these two methods is that when linking a bank card, you will not need to spend your time making all subsequent payments: the Service remembers your card details and uses the specified payment method for all future payments. You can find the schedule of all your payments in the Dashboard.

When using Balance, you will be required to deposit funds each time the billing date arrives. When using the Balance, the Service will not remember the details of your payment method, so no automatic deductions are provided for replenishing the Balance. However, when your subscription's next billing date arrives, an attempt will be made to debit the funds already available on your Balance. We strongly recommend that you carefully monitor the status of your Balance in order to avoid cases of non-payment, because, in this case, your subscription will be cancelled.

You can combine the use of the Balance and the linked card! First of all, an attempt will be made to debit funds from the Balance, and if there are not enough funds, the Service will try to debit the missing amount from the linked payment method (for example, if you need to pay $100 for your subscription, and you have $70, the Service will try to charge $30 from the linked payment method). If there are not enough funds on the linked card to renew the subscription, then no debits will occur from the Balance, and your subscription will be canceled due to non-payment (for example, if you need to pay $100 for your subscription, you have $70 on your Balance, and on the linked card does not have $30, then your subscription will be canceled, and $70 will remain on your Balance).

Froxy offers a huge variety of payment methods for different regions. Choose the most convenient payment method, be it a bank card, cryptocurrency, or any other. A detailed list of available payment methods can be found here