Proxies don't work

Possible causes of proxy problems and how to solve them you will find in this article - simple instructions for any user.

Issue: No connection

Solution #1: Check the Whitelist

To successfully connect to the proxy, your device's IP address must be added to IP Whitelist.


Solution #2: Wide geo-targeting

Sometimes when connecting with a very narrow geo-filter, the connection cannot be established, because with a given filter, there are simply no active IPs.

We recommend narrowing down the geo-target to the country level and trying to connect again.


Issue: Can't write to chat/no chat widget

Solution: disable your AdBlock tool and reload the page. Sometimes, AdBlock tools block the chat widget in addition to ads. Don't worry, we won't show any ads.

Issue: Unable to make a payment

Solution #1: Disable Proxy/VPN

When paying for any services, we recommend disabling proxy and VPN. Payment gateways may block transactions made when using a proxy/VPN.

Solution #2: Check the accuracy of the completed personal data

In case of filling in false or invalid information in the personal data of the account, the payment may not be available to perform. Please fill in valid information.

Solution #3: Clear your cache and cookies

In rare cases, making a payment may not be available due to a conflict in cache data, or cookies. We recommend you clear your browser cache and cookies before making a payment.