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Reactivate subscription

In this article, we describe in detail the process of reactivating a subscription and its payment depending on its status ("Canceled" or "Non-renewing").

If you’ve canceled your subscription or forgot to renew it, and you do not want to reconfigure the proxy, you can reactivate such a subscription.

Subscription reactivation is possible only for subscriptions in the “Cancelled” and “Non-renewing” statuses. When a subscription is reactivated all settings are saved.
NOTICE: When you reactivate Fast and Mobile+ subscriptions all filters you previously created would be deleted!

When you reactivate a subscription in the “Cancelled” status, you will be issued an invoice, which will immediately attempt to charge you the amount of the cost of your subscription at the time the reactivation was initiated. Before reactivation, we recommend you to visit the Pricing section on our website. Notice: by clicking the "Reactivate" button, you agree to the immediate payment for the renewal of the subscription. After the subscription is reactivated from the “Cancelled” status, the limits on the used traffic are updated, and a new cycle for calculating the traffic consumption begins without taking into account the previously used one. The next payment date will be determined based on the reactivation date (for example, if the reactivation of a monthly subscription was made on the 15th, then the next payment date will be the 15th of the next month). If any add-ons have been applied to the subscription, the reactivation of the subscription will occur along with them, with a corresponding increase in the price for the cost of the addons. Previously applied discount coupons to the subscription are not taken into account.

When reactivating a subscription in the “Non-renewing” status, no payment is required. The subscription will continue to be active according to the terms of the initial payment, with the corresponding dates of the next payments, as well as the traffic used. With such a reactivation, the traffic limits are not updated, the previously used traffic is not reset, and all the settings you have chosen are saved.