Referral system

In this article, we talk about the referral system - a real opportunity to earn bonuses by inviting people to use Froxy's services.

The referral system is a type of partnership when a customer gains some benefits from inviting other people to join using the service. Froxy's Referral system provides customers with extra credits on the Customer’s Referral Balance for every payment (except Trial) performed by the invited person to the Froxy service.

Froxy’s Referral System is tiered-level: the more purchases  your referrals perform, the more bonuses you can earn!

Your basic percentage of the referral bonus is 10%. But this percentage will increase when the total amount of all your referral’s payments will reach a certain amount.

Below you can see all the conditions of increasing the percentage of your bonus:

Referral bonus %





Total referral’s purchases $/month

0 - $10,000

$10,000 - $30,000



Switching to the next-stage percentage is automatic, so you don’t need to ask for it!

In your Dashboard (Referral System section) you’ll be able to see all stats you need – total amount of your referrals and the total amount of their purchases, so you always know how your business goes!

Invite your friends, partners, and colleagues to the Froxy and get appreciable bonuses!