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Subscription cancellation

In this article, you'll find the information you need to cancel your subscription: when it can be done, how it's billed, and whether you can reactivate the subscription.

You can cancel your subscription if you don't want to use Froxy services.

Subscription cancellation can be applied in several cases:

  1. when you initiate cancellation by yourself

  2. when your subscription hasn’t been paid

Cancellation by yourself

If you initiate subscription cancellation by yourself, it works in this way: your next billing date will be eliminated and you can use a proxy till your current billing period ends.


if you have an active subscription starting on March 1st with next billing date on April 1st and cancel it on March 20, you can use proxy till April 1st and will not be charged on April 1st).

In this case your subscription will change its status to Non-Renewing.

When your next billing date comes, there won’t be any charges and your subscription will change its status to Canceled.


Cancellation because of non-payment

When the next billing date comes and we haven’t received payment for your subscription (insufficient funds, absence of payment method, invalid card, etc), the dunning period starts.

Dunning period is a period of time, when Froxy waits for the payment of your subscription. It lasts two days. At the end of the dunning period if we haven’t received any payment, your subscription will be canceled automatically.

When your subscription is In Trial status, you can cancel it in order to avoid switching to a full-time plan. No charges applied in this case.


If you cancel your subscription there will be no refunds (you can explore all refund cases in our SLA).

You can reactivate your subscription after canceling it. To do this, use the subscription reactivation feature by clicking the “Reactivate” button in your Dashboard.

Carefully read the terms of subscription reactivation!