Subscription statuses

In this article, we have gathered all possible statuses of your subscription, what they mean and how to unsubscribe.

Your subscription can have several statuses:

  • Activating - it means that the setup process has been started and you need to wait a little bit for the setup process to be finished, it takes not more than 20 seconds;
  • In trial - it means your subscription is in trial status with its conditions;
  • Active - your subscription is active according to your plan terms, you are able to use our services without any limitations;
  • Non-renewing - it means that your subscription will not be renewed within billing plan terms and it will be canceled when the next billing date comes. It is an intermediate status before subscription cancellation, so you can use proxy until the next billing date comes;
  • Paused - it means your subscription time remaining was paused and you will not be able to use proxy until you resume your subscription;
  • Cancelled - your subscription was cancelled due to non-payment or at your initiative.

When you initiate the cancelation of your subscription it will change its status to Non-renewing. It means you still be able to use a proxy for the rest of the paid period. When the next billing date comes your subscription will automatically be cancelled. When your subscription is paused you can’t cancel it. First, you need to resume it.