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Upgrade subscription

If you decide to upgrade your Froxy subscription, this article will give you the information you need to "move up" and pay for it.

You can upgrade your current plan to the next stage, with more traffic and more opportunities.

Subscription upgrade available only for subscriptions in status Active.

When you click the Upgrade button (next to the plan you’ve chosen to switch to) an immediate charge equal to the difference between the current plan and the new one will be initiated. Visit the Pricing section on our website to see the actual prices. The subscription will be upgraded after successful payment.

When you initiate an upgrade process your current traffic spend will remain the same, but your limits will increase according to your new plan configuration (example: your current traffic spend is 5GB/15GB on Residential Start. When you upgrade to the Residential Medium your traffic spend value will be 5GB/50GB).

Your next billing date will remain the same (for example: if your next billing date is April 25 and you upgrade your plan on April 20, you will be charged the difference between costs immediately and your next billing date will still be April 25. On April 25 you will be charged the full price of your new subscription).

All applied coupons will impact the final costs of the upgrade.

You’re not able to downgrade to the lower plan.

You will not be able to upgrade the Enterprise plan. If you still want to improve your Enterprise plan, please contact our Support Team and we will make you a custom offer.