What is Package Traffic Spend?

In this article, you will learn about how to determine the spent traffic, about additional traffic, and what will happen to it in the next billing period or if you upgrade your subscription.

Package Traffic Spend progress bar shows you how much traffic have you spent from your current package limit. For example, you've ordered a package with 3Gb traffic. A progress bar will show you how much traffic have you spent from this value (like 1Gb/3Gb, where 1Gb value is your current traffic spent and 3Gb is the value of your common package traffic limit). Traffic limits will revenue when your subscription is prolongated. Notice: non-used traffic does not migrate to your next billing period!

If you want to add extra traffic to your subscription please refer to the Increase feature (you can find this button next to the Package Traffic Spend progress bar). Adding traffic to your subscription works like a regular Addon. For more information about Addons please refer to the corresponding section in KnowledgeBase. Every plan has its own limits with extra traffic. If you reach these limits and still want to add traffic to your package we will offer you to switch to the next-stage plan. It will be more efficient for you and can save you money. Notice: if you have the Enterprise package you can't add extra traffic to your subscription. Please contact support for the special offer if you need more traffic.

Notice: if you upgrade your subscription to the next stage, all your earlier applied addons that increased your traffic will be removed.